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About Turkey
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About Turkey
Move over Italy and Spain - the Mediterranean s latest housing boom is on in a similarly pleasing atmosphere, and at a significantly lower price.

When it comes to buying a holiday home or investment property in the Mediterranean, most people tend to think of Spain or Italy. But Turkey, with its stunning scenery and wealth of antiquities, is fast emerging as a new property hot spot. Straddling Europe and Asia, Turkey is blessed with some of the best coastline in Europe, especially in the country s southwestern corner where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet.

With Turkey expected to join the European Union within the next decade, property experts say those who get in early stand to see a substantial return on their investment.

The combination of rapidly rising house prices and Turkish property market reforms has made the country increasingly popular destination for international investors. Five years ago the government passed legislation making it possible for non-turkish citizens to buy property. Since then, foreigners have spend more than $ 7.2 billion on an estimated 30.000 homes, according to the Turkish government. Over the last year alone property sales to foreigners soared by 59% to $ 2.9 billion.

Moreover, recent changes in legislation have also created the country s first ever mortgage market. As a result, it is now possible to get a mortgage at interest rates that are roughly 50% less than the traditional home loans buyers used in the past.


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