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Условия Аренды Недвижимости в Турции
Кредит на покупку недвижимости.
Credit for buying property.
Основные положения законодательства ТР
About Turkey
Почему Турция и Аланья?


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               Our services

    *First consultation;

    *Help with a tour choice and purchase of tickets;

    *Meeting in Antalya airport;

    *Free Antalya  city tours

    *Review of interesting real estate objects;

    *Complete paper work when purchase or leasing real estate;

    *Legal support, help in getting a residential permit and legal person 


    *Investment and building of residential and non-residential 

      constructions and buildings in Turkey;

    *Investment projects design in the area of building of residential and 

      non-residential constructions in Turkey;

    *Investment project analysis, calculation of economical attraction and

      profitability, design of their realization plans;

    *Sale of non-residential estate in Turkey;

    *Bargain conclusion with land for residential construction in Turkey;

    *Research of foreign real estate markets;

    *Representation of your interests in Turkey.


    Resuming all abovementioned we wish to offer you  the profitable cooperation on the market of property in Antalya and its regions.


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